App inventor not able to compile apk

26 screens? I think you got a message when you reached ten.

Read point 1.

Other question. Do you have permission to use those sound fragments? Isn't there a copyright. You will get into trouble if you publish your app.

Use arrangement to take different screens. If the screens contain the same elements, you can only change the inscriptions of labels, buttons, etc.
I deleted 17 screens, 9 are left. Aia is around 26MB, still can't load project. I think that over 400 mp3 files is too much :slight_smile:

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Thank you, @ Patryk_F and Peter.

The Problem that the file is too big will become much more difficult when I add the sounds of the two other films, two towers and return of the king. The work with lists also become more slowly as the list expands. So I want to use three different lists for the 3 films.
I cannot avoid that, because I have ~ 400 sound files/ quotations per film (good quotations you can share with friends or at work, there are so many opportunities to share a sound/ quotation from these epic films; that was my idea to create a soundboard.)
I think the file size should not be the problem; in the year 2020/ 2021 you should be able to build an app with more than 100 MB.

I don't have the permission to publish it, but I want to ask New Line Cinema, when I have finished my work on the app. I don't want to earn money with this app, it's just for fun. If I don't get the permission, this app is only for me and my friends.

I have already read the possibility of using only one screen. I had doubts, that I can handle so many arrangements in one screen; including the change of the background image. But I will test this. I will also try to add a search funktion and maybe a favorite screen. How do you think about this?

Thank you so far, I will share my experience here.

The only solution is to give up physical screens and download all mp3 files from the Internet after installing the application.

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I just deleted most of the screens; the file size ist not the problem actually. It could now built the app (without sorting the sounds by name and location in other screens). So I will try with different arrangements in one screen.

I'll give you an update; but this will take a little time to implement these features.
Is there actually a file size limitation in MB? I think I will soon get into trouble by adding more and more sounds...

Thank you so far.

How to overcome the App Inventor project limit of 30 MB


Trying to push the limits! Snippets, Tutorials and Extensions from Pura Vida Apps by icon24 Taifun.


Hello everyone,


At first, thank you so much for the tips. The compiling of the App works now. I just have one screen with multiple Arrangements.
I have also added a favorite list and a search function.

The search function with the element "contains text - piece" works also great. But I have one problem here. In Germany we often use big Letters, but to save time with the search function, you tip in the text box with small letters. To get a result, the word must be tipped in correctly.
How can I arrange, that the search function ignores the use of big/ small letters? Is it possible at all?

Attached the updated aia file.


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Thank you so much.

Now I want that the search function searches the list after each letter tipped in with the keyboard. Is there another trick?
Actually, I have to press the search button manually.

See here, how to create such a procedure

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Thank you. This will help.

But now I've got finally the problem, that the app has overcome the limit of ~46 MB.
I cannot compile the apk anymore.
I've read the tips to overcome the limit, but none of them does really help me.
I've tried the offline server, AI2 offline, but there also is the compiling error.

I want the mp3 files are being placed in the assets after installation. So I don't want an external storage and download them seperately.
Is it possible to put the mp3 files to the assets in the apk after compiling the app? So I just link the files to the player etc. without uploading them to MIT Server.
Will they be installed or ignored when I click to install the app on my phone?

Or is there any other online server beside (<50 MB) with a total limit of 100 MB? That would be enough for the app, I think it will have 80 -90 MB at the end.


You did not do well reading ...

Among the tips on the Taifun website is a link to that tip:


Thank you, this works fine with the APK Editor. This is an acceptable solution.

But I figured out, that this was not the reason why the apk could not be built.
I deleted a lot of sounds but still I can't compile the app.

So I deleted some elements of the list sounds_tuerme. With the last connected element, you see in the picture, the compiling of the app works. One more item, and the compiling fails.

Why? The size of the app does not change And it should be ok to have more than 1.500 Elements over three lists.

Thank you so much,

Hard-coded approach use csv file instead and by doing that you can get rid of 4500 blocks..

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Very nice! Thank you so much.
This is finally the solution, so I can finish my work on this project.
I have already exported the existing lists to csv, so I can continue to add more sounds with excel.

Just one little problem: In Germany we have special character letters like ä ö ü etc.
How can I arrange that they are displayed properly after importing?

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If not displayed correctly in the App, it will be because of the format of the CSV file. When the CSV is exported, ensure it is formated UTF-8. The default is probably ASCII.


Yes. This was the reason, thank you.

Another little problem: After building the app and pasting of the assets, I'm not able to play the sound anymore. Sharing works. I also tried to paste "//", but it still doesn't play the sound. There is no change in the procedure.


I figured out that at least one sound has to be uploaded to the media files. No everything is ok.
Thanks so much to the community.
I'll give the final update when I finished my work here.

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What do you mean by that: at least one sound?
Every sound should be stored in the assets or somewhere in order to be able to play it.

I think he means that the compiler has to create an "assets" folder in the APK file. To do this, there must be at least one file added to the media in AppInventor.

When there are no files in the media, there is no "assets" folder in the apk and the app may not take into account the files added there after decompiling the apk?