App inventor loading very slowly

For the past 2 weeks, App inventor has become extremely slow. It takes ages to load, takes time to go from one screen to the other, and many a time does not load at all.
Is anyone else also facing such an issue?
I am from India, have a Core i7 laptop with a 500Gb SSD that runs on windows 10 and my Internet connection has a speed of 150 MBPS. I can watch UHD streaming movies on youtube, so I guess connectivity and hardware are not a problem.
Let me also add that my app has 7 screens and about 200 blocks per screen. Also to note, this setup used to respond very well till the above-mentioned issue surfaced.

Any suggestions?


I am facing the exactly same issue and my project too doesn't get saved![AI2 project is not getting saved]
(AI2 project is not getting saved)

This is a very weird option i found out, but if you would like to go from one screen to another, just click on save project. (That is what I do and it works every time).

Yes, I learned from trial and error that saving the project immediately moves me to the other screen.
Also, as you mentioned, the project does not save some time, leading to a lot of heartburn and the need to work on the code once more.
I think it has to do with the latest upgrade. And I do hope someone in the project team is doing some thing about this.

Yes, I felt the same. Working till late in the night, and finding that the project isn't saved leads to annoyance too!
I mentioned the same problems but no one had a solution to it :thinking:

Is it the same with the code server ( or you could try one of the test servers?

It appears there is a contest going on and the servers are experiencing heavy usage.
This slowdown also may be affected by the enormous volume of students utilizing the Internet due to in home learning.

MIT has a load balancer that attempts to ameliorate this. It sometimes takes a while to kick in; however if the issue is a very large volume of users, AI2 developers need to be patient.

Temporary remedy... try building etc. during non peak times.

MIT are aware of the situation and indicated in late August" the buildservers are pretty busy, so be on the lookout for people complaining about builds taking a long time. At the moment we have 12 8-core machines (total of 96 2.2Ghz cores) and as I type this about 150 simultaneous builds. I believe this is the result of a class or contest happening in India. But that's just a guess based on looking at Google Analytics.

... If this situation persists (MIT probably) will add more buildservers."

What's the URL for a server health query?
It sounds useful.

Yeah thats's the Google code2learn competition. But i think the deadline was on 31st of August. So will the load on the servers become lesser now, because it it very difficult to build nowadays!

I am India in Bangalore and still find the designer portal extremely slow. The site even times out today. Is there any other way?

MIT App Inventor 2 is cloud based. It is a Web based app. It does not compile locally on your PC.

The following compilers are provided by third party vendors and are 'versions' or clones of App Inventor that are not necessarily compatible with the latest version of App Inventor. Import your aia to one of these and it might work for you.

AI2Offline - ramiro-pa

App Inventor Other Versions - Taifun

If you use one of these compilers, the aia you produce might no longer be compatible with the App Inventor 2. MIT does not provide support for any of these.

As a temporary measure, I have moved my code to Kodular where the response is much better.

Yes, sometimes the same happens to me, this happens due to heavy usage of App Inventor 2 after the lockdown. In even my school we are making a lot of use of App Inventor not only during classes but also after them, I suggest using its offsprings because not many people use them>

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