App inventor does not save my project properly

Hi friend!
This is happening to me working with APP INVENTOR. Many times, when I finish working with my project, I save (several times) and even generate the.apk, when I work on it again, the last changes are not saved. It has even happened to me that I have the apk with a bug fixed, but in the project this fix was not saved. This happens to me many times. I ALWAYS press save project and lately I logout, but it keeps happening to me. How do you store your projects correctly? Does it happen to you?

I'm using W10 with Firefox.

Thank you!!!

Does this happen with a single project or all of them?
If the answer is only a specific project, upload the .aia of that project.

Hi, now, I'm working only in this proyect... I only saw this issue in this proyect.

Where I must to upload my proyect? :thinking:

right here, on the community, so we can view the project for ourselves.

Could I send it to you privately? it has database keys.

Do you by any chance have lots of text in ex. label, textblock string, etc, there is a limitation on how much text you can put in there

no i dont have much text anywhere

There's saving and there's saving.

Downloaded blocks images are good local incremental backups.

Sounds like you need them.

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Thanks, I do it.... I save it and I wait for saved message... but this isn't guarantee that keep it...🤷

I use [Chrome Extension] AI2Helper - download all blocks seperately and remove all orphan blocks with one click
for local incremental downloads.

Thanks! I'll will see it!