App doesn't update

I created an improved version of my app but instead of updating my existing app a whole new (clone?) is installed :thinking:

You most probably changed the project name...
A new project name means a new package name, which creates a new app in the end


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Thank you but I realize that and the project name as well as App name name are the same :upside_down_face:

What name does the clone have?

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Place both versions of the APK on your Google Drive and post a link to them here, then we'll check what happened.
Probably an app built in AppInventor from another Google account.

Both are named HRMHR Chris

Could I send the links as a message to you @Patryk_F ?

Or contact me. My pm is open

The package names are different. The app name is the same, but probably the aia project name is different.

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Both are HRMHR.aia :astonished:

The only difference is the path to them is different

The newer one is in a folder HRMHR2


You cannot have two projects with the same name in your AI2 account.

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Let's see screenshots...

How can I get the package name corrected?



I am looking at your solution at How do you change Package name any solution in 2021? - #23 by Anke

If that method is used then I must use it with every change of my app? Each time I make a change I must compile and then perform that method?

I saved my aia multiple times over a period of time as I made improvements and corrections. With major improvements I gave it a new name HRMHR1, 1a, etc. The last was HRMHR2c at wich point I saved it as the original HRMHR. I then restarted by loading it as a new project and yes I set project properties to HRMHR

Aren't the aia name and the package name the same?

Aren't the aia name and the package name supposed to be the same?

Make sure before you upload your project that there is no copy already on the server with the name HRMHR otherwise the server will rename your project and with that it will be the new package name..


Thank you. Yes I deleted the previous project and then deleted it from trash

Somehow things became confused. I guess I would like to know how to get the package name back to the original name so the compiled version will update the original app

I was talking about your AI2 account (not your PC), when I said "let''s see screenshots".

Make sure there is no project with the same name in the trash (in your AI2 account). Otherwise, as @Boban said, another project with the same name will be renamed, since (as I said before) 2 projects with the same name cannot exist in your AI2 account at the same time.

Did you delete / change the keystore? If so, you need the original keystore to update your app.

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