App Bundle key error message

Hello, I have been trying to upload an app (.aab) to Play Store but I keep getting an error message indicating I should use a new Key to sign my APK or Android Bundle before uploading. I've done research and have not been able a solution to this problem, any help would be greatly appreciated.

See here:

Thank you thank you very much, it worked as a charm! I have other apps that were uploaded as .apk, so in order to upload a new version of any of these apps I should rebuild them with this new key, right?

Assuming you are using the Play App Signing feature then yes, you will want to use this new keystore for signing any future bundles. If you have other apps that have previously been published using your old keystore, you will need to swap the keystores when updating the older apps (unless you also migrate them to use PAS).

No, use the same keystore and upload the update as an APK to the Play Store.
(Why make life difficult for yourself when it can be easy?)

If you don't upload your app as an AAB, you don't need to use → Google Play App Signing.

You can also opt-out (disable) Google Play App Signing:

Thank you very much :slight_smile: