APK to AIA Conversion how to without original login

I can't find my account login and my prof won't help me with it so I now need to convert my APK file to AIA in order to make changes.


Sorry, you cannot convert an apk file to an aia.

It appears you have not regularly been saving an aia of your Project. If you had saved aia files regularly you would not be in trouble. So, there might be some things you can do to get access to previous Projects. If not, you may have to re code your Project from scratch. Provide some additional information and someone may be able to help you out of your jam.

Are you using the main server; then your log in may be your google email. What do you mean "can't find my account login"; you can't find your projects when you log in or something else? If you explain, it may be possible for MIT to recover your Projects.

Are you using the MIT App Inventor server and you forgot your passcode, you are in trouble. My understanding is that even MIT cannot retrieve your Projects.