(APK) File is not downloaded completely (from Google Drive) but a few Kbytes (using Android 10)

It seems to be no longer possible with Google Drive, since Google classifies the APK as a potential virus.

See also here:

So upload the APK to another server / hosting platform / your own server and download the APK from there.

ok I imagined ...
can you suggest another server, like google drive?

You could probably still use google drive if you use the custom webview extension downloading blocks to download the file, this would provide the user with the "Google can't Scan for Viruses" message and the "Download Anyway" button. Might scare 'em off though....

There is also Cloudinary, and a recent extension available for cloudinary (uploading)


and I don't see this message.

You should in a browser...


Ok, of course, but you said:

Oh, maybe that won't work then if you can't capture the download url generated by the button

hello, but I would like an alternative that works with the same procedure as google drive, that is, I generate the shareable link and insert it in my app together with the name of the file to download ...

This is for compatibility with users who already use my app ...

can you kindly give me an example?

I have my apk on google drive all the time and I can download and update from it.

Try change extension, example

my_application.apk ------> my_application.png

When you download the file you rename it.

Instead of downloading the file via the web component, use the ActivityStarter.

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yes ok okay there are alternatives but I have to modify the app and I wanted to avoid this ...
if I change the file extension it works ... only it becomes incompatible with my current app ...

can't i change something on google drive to activate apk files too?

For me, simply renaming the file to a different extension still generates the can't virus scan message.

There are no settings in Google Drive to "undo" this virus scan check on executable files.

borrar_googledirver.aia (10.7 KB)

In this example p127F_fondotransparenteA.png is an .apk file, but with the extension changed to .png

I download that file and change it to mi_aplicacion.apk

In this case download to /mnt/sdcard

If you have Android10 + you can download it to ASD.

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Ah yes, this works, for me, if you rename the file on your computer before uploading to Google Drive. Doesn't work if you rename the apk ON Google Drive :slight_smile:


I have changed the name directly from Google Drive to .gif



The first one generates virus scan message, the other two will download OK

Do you only want to download or install immediately?