API Level 33 Necessary from August 2023


I got the following message from Google Play

  • New apps and app updates must target API level 33 to be submitted to Google Play (Wear OS must target API 30).

Does someone know, if the MIT will update AppInventor to API level 33?
Or what should I do please? Thank you very much.



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Most likely, AppInventor will indeed upgrade to API 33, bit since this is months away, most likely not yet.

The complete message from Google looks like this

Hello Google Play Developer,
Last year, we announced that we’re expanding our target API level requirements to protect users from installing apps that may not have the latest privacy and security features.
To help make Target API level deadlines clearer, we are unifying the dates to August 31 every year.
Starting August 31, 2023:

  • New apps and app updates must target API level 33 to be submitted to Google Play (Wear OS must target API 30).
  • Existing apps must target API level 31 or above to remain discoverable by all users on Google Play. Apps that target API level 30 or below (target API level 29 or below for Wear OS), will only be discoverable on devices running Android OS same or lower than your apps’ target API level.
    You will be able to request an extension to November 1, 2023 if you need more time to update your app. You'll be able to access your app's extension forms in Play Console later this year.
    We want to make sure you have ample time and resources to get prepared:
  • For exact timelines, read Target API level requirements for Google Play apps
  • For technical guidance, refer to this migration guide
  • To learn more, watch the April 2022 PolicyBytes
    Thank you for continuing to partner with us to make Google Play a trustworthy platform for you and your users.

Thank you,
Your Google Play team


Yes, we will update (as we always do). The MIT AI2 Companion app for Android is built by App Inventor itself, so we need to make the necessary changes in order to publish updated versions of the companion. Usually we do the SDK updates during the summer, so expect an update in July or August to address the latest SDK.


I had recently made several updates and received no such notification from Goggle. You should not only get it for new apps. So I doubt the message was exactly that. Post a screenshot of it.

It looks like every Google Play developer will get that message... probably for german users they will send it soon... see a copy here


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We at MIT received the email yesterday about the upcoming changes, although their website and the email still disagree about the timeline :man_shrugging:

The difference this time is, that also updates of existing apps need it starting from August 31
Or you have to

request an extension to November 1, 2023 if you need more time to update your app


Yes, I understood the email just fine. It looks like they corrected the website (previously it had read November 31, 2023, which isn't even a real day).

I checked it now. Yes, I also received this email. But it wasn't a message from the Play Dev Console, but an email and I usually ignore those.

I have copied a part of the message I have received. The message is already permantly deleted.


Thank you for your information.

OK, when will app inventor upgrade to api level 33 @ewpatton ? 31. of aug. is soon......

My hope is that the update will be available for testing starting this weekend. We're in the process of reviewing a bunch of pull requests that will go into the next release, which is tentatively scheduled for Aug 26.


Thanks for quick respond! Then it looks safe to wait for the update👍 Otherwise, ask google to change the date from 31. of aug to 1st of nov.

Well that was certainly an unwelcome email I received this morning telling me I need to update the API in 12 days, and have no way to do so using App Inventor :frowning:
App was only uploaded to Play a few months ago.

Have requested an extension till November, hopefully AI comes up with the solution by then...

The solution is already in the pipeline.

Thank you for your efforts @ewpatton but here is a temporary solution to extend the deadline till November.

  1. Go to Inbox in your play console, click on notification and go to View details.

  1. Scroll down and click Request more time.

  1. Select appropriate reasons and click Request. You will be granted extension till Nov 01, 2023.

  1. Extend deadline for all of your published apps.

So, no need to worry as of now, we have enough time to do the things.


Oh thank you, thank you. I received the same email for my app and was starting to stress about it.