API 33 Google play requirement after 31 August

Good question
Ok then I will wait
I was just looking for alternative way
But I would rather wait safer too
Thank you

Anything new on this?
(So far it doesn't seem to have happened.)

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ai2-test has been updated. We ran into some issues earlier today and had to withdraw and then update to fix a critical issue, but the site should be stable now.

See also:


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mais em relação a os requisitos da playstore sobre Android SDK 33 como faço pra resolve ja q não intendo muito eu subo minha aia pro servidor de teste e recompilo la q vai da certo na playstore poderia me ajudo sobre isso

Unfortunately the translator is bungling your message. The release is going out in a few hours so if you are concerned about building with the test server, I would encourage you to wait until the release is officially out.

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Android SDK 33

more in relation to the playstore requirements about Android SDK 33 how do I solve it since I don't intend to do much I upload my aia to the test server and recompile it that will work in the playstore could you help me about this

Hi I have this from GooglePlay notice:

and my testing app is:

Already SDK 33 but the API is 21+, yet still being notice by Google.

Should I ignore? or how should i go about.
Thank you for any help in advance.


Are you sure that these screens are from the same app? If so, I would just ignore it.

Noted. Will ignore for now.


Hi all,
Thanks for the replies.

I get the message in the page of the app. I am sure is for the app. What I am not sure is the message for older version or not, though I had updated to newer one.

For I now I will just ignore the warning message.

Thanks again.

I'm sure ... as of Aug. 11, 2023, there was no targetSdk 33 version of AI2.

thank you.

Thank you very much for everything, I am already updating all the apps without problems
I only have one person who tells me that it does not work on a mobile with Android 13 but I will detect what happens

What does not work Android 13?

Hello Anke! I have not sent it to a client to an apk that I have on Google Play and he tells me that it does not work, now I sent him another one so that he can tell me what is not working for him, he tells me that the phone restarts all the time I'll let you know as soon as I confirm

From my contacts with users from Android & iOS, I know from many years of experience that users who have once contacted my support are then willing to provide further information (such as screenshots, videos, etc.). I have helped hundreds of users with problems this way.

Basically, things don't work any differently here in the forum.

Before providing a production update in Google Play for SDK33 it might be a good idea to first test the app especially concerning the behavioral changes, for example the new permissions