Anyone can help me? I need Your help Guys

that i Mean data are include 1. Date 2.time n

use a clock component

Make like this :

thankyou so much @Salman_Dev for helping me . i want to try this now

You're welcome :+1: :grin:

I will tell you the progress soon

okay, thanks

why when i click the button scan the result is Error 1501 "your device does not have a scanning application installed" Even though I have installed it. why?


uncheck UseExternalScanner and it has to work.

oh yeah. good tutor. but do I no longer need to install the application scanner in my phone if i use externalscanner

yes, you don't need to download it

I get the Result when I scanned "Firebase Error. Previous value was empty". How to fix it?

please show your block

based on yours

so what i can do

Is the data still stored when the error appears

data is not stored when the error appears

Have you arranged this?

yes i have done set the rules