Any way to create labels by using blocks?

Is there an available way to add labels by using Blocks?

Yes using an extension

Using only Blocks there isn't any way to add Labels. You need an extension as indicated by Dora.

What you can do with Blocks is to plan ahead. Perhaps add several Labels; hide them (Label1.Visible = false), then show them (true) when they are needed.

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Ok, thank you!

Or save your values to a list, then add them all to one label...


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How do I install extensions?

Download extension, aix file and then

How do I use the extension, by the way?

Read the topic in the link, plenty to learn!

You might try this one first.....

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You have to read above post. A simple example can be found below. Every time you click button a label is generated

dynamic_label.aia (34.6 KB)

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