Any extensions and tools ideas please?

you should use labels @apb1111!

You can concatenate "\n" to strings to create new lines; however, this gap is always a fixed amount (1em).

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Can you please help create an extension that can detect if power button is clicked 3 times continuously within 10 seconds?


That is some serious privacy violation. I think this can even lead to a court case against you....


that's true that's why i didn't want to make it

but to not make him sad I just replied 'I will try that idea' but seriously that's against the law so I won't make it at all!

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tell your professor that it will lead him to a court case which maybe he doesn't want...

Often times I add another \n to that because it might make it look better.


Do you want any type of tool which can extend or improve or ease your App Inventor project?

Can you please, please, please suggest me one? and also a simple app idea...

Please suggest me!

and do not flag this topic or close this discussion topic, and this is not a promo or spam

sorry, but your post is spam...
you already asked the same question 2 months ago, I now joined the 2 threads
and concerning app idea, see your other thread here




Here is a very complex Project recommendation.

App Inventor has the Map components for mapping. Kodular chose to use the Google Map API to display maps. It is a component that lets users directly use Google Static mapping (provided the user provides a Google Map key) in their Projects.

Replicate the Kodular control as an extension for App Inventor. AI developers could create Google Maps (instead of OpenStreetMaps) without using the WebViewer and constructing a url . AI developers now must use api calls to use a Google Map.

This is a Project that could keep you busy for a while. :slight_smile: Is it possible?


But I do not want extension ideas this time

Regarding this, it would be better if someone implemented it as a proper part of App Inventor, When I implemented the Map and related components, I designed it internally to support alternative mapping SDKs. The idea was that we could include a property to pick the map provider (e.g., OSM vs Google). We didn't want to tie ourselves more to Google services (and still prefer not to), so chose to go with OSM as the reference implementation.


Currently with a WebViewer, you can either choose to use no APIs or use the Static API, one limited in functions and one limited in requests per day/month. However, at Kodular, they use the Maps SDK for Android API. If you want to implement Google Maps as an extension, you have to set minimum SDK level to SDK 19. It would be extremely difficult.

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Yes, that is a problem. You mentioned almost several years that the Map was designed so that it could use a different provider. That hasn't happened so far. Unfortunate especially since Maps :cry:

  • is so unstable whilst the OpenStreetMaps server is having high usage .
  • OpenStreetMaps seems to have a bug that results in high data rates that is not an AI issue Map component: frequent tile re-load.
  • clicking on a Marker very often does not render the Title and Description
  • often failing to render the map itself when the server is active
  • etc. etc.

No guarantee Google Maps would be more stable but since 2013 my experience is Static Maps are very stable though awkward compared to Maps to use constructing the WebView URL.

An extension would be welcome if it could be available today or soon versus ability to use a GoogleMap component within the next few years (if at all). Especially since no one is probably advancing the project. :cry: Even an extension that would build the WebView Url for a Static Map would be a useful extension, :slight_smile:


Currently the GoogleMap component's source code of AppyBuilder (deprecated) is open source. Someone can modify or learn from the source code and try.


Certainly a challenge. Possibly an opportunity for some of the clever young extension developers to collaborate. Unfortunately my Java coding days are over; can't remember as well as I used to.


A patch for Web component to post multi part data needed


So I finally got around to testing your extension today & I love it so far... great job!
This makes my life so much easier.
I would be working with this extension for the next few week & would give you more feedback soon.

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I need an extension to make only a part of a label, clickable

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Hmm...that seems familiar to me. I think I already saw this before.