Any App Ideas Please

Ok people extension is almost ready but let's now forget about it...

Ok so, I was browsing through the app of the month page. Now I feel like I want to create an app (not for app of the month though) but as I am bored and tomorrow is Saturday so I want to create some apps. Do you have any ideas?

I am not trying to spam the community

Why not just use Google?


but google gives me (not so) simple app ideas

i wanted to use google before, peter

ok i found one

Here is an app idea I haven't had a chance to work on.

There are some games that could be played over SMS text, if the two players' phones had a common SMS games manager that could

  • keep a list of games in progress
    • game ID
    • game type (tictactoe/RPS/chess...)
    • opponent phone number
    • game state
  • accept game registration requests from a separate game app using activity starter
  • accept game moves from a registered app via activity starter and transmit them
  • receive SMS moves for a registered app and pass them to that app via activity starter

This would require defining a SMS message format to include

  • game ID
  • game move

This would also require defining parameter formats for the Activity Starter to pass requests between the SMS Game Manager and the various game apps in both directions.

This is a lot to chew on, and would require access to two phones with different numbers.
(I have not arranged for this yet.)