I Need an Idea for competition

Hi all ! Hope you all are doing good, I just took part in an inter-school competition but here is the problem- I just don't know what to make ! I want something that's not very very advanced, but I need something that can be Implemented in real life and turn out to be useful, cause that's the topic. So any suggestions ?

I will be pleased if you answer !

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well if it would not have been, why would I post it here? Of course it is.

just saying, didn't mean any disrespect.

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Make an app that generates ideas for apps when entering a competition.


Well, but that would be a lot of time taking work, the competition's due date is on 27th Feb. And i cant give more than half an hour per day because my annual examination are also going to take place.
But anyway thanks for the suggestion, I will think about it.

Here are so many ideas for apps, in the App Of The Month page. Although Peter's app was made a long time ago there, it really inspired me to make apps.



All right, thanks a lot @Gordon_Lu !!

A lot of times, the best apps have the best creativity. What we post here often have already been made into new apps. Still, since it is your competition, you have to think about it.

Some ideas:

  • App to prevent robbery? Prevent criminials?

  • App to find your lost pet?

  • A reading app so that people can read e-books?

  • A file management app that clears cache files and scans the phone security?

  • A search engine that does not rely on https://www.google.com/search?q=?


Why should i make an app that prevents criminals ?

In some countries, crime is a very serious problem. To prevent thieves, you can:

  • If the user lost something to thieves, they describe the object and what the thief is like. The app also records the GPS location.

  • Other people sees it, and helps the user.

In fact, some people also made apps to help regions with high crime rate, serious hydration problems, natural disasters, etc.



If that is not enough, here is a library of ideas.

  • A sports app to keep track of your running record, speed, and navigate where you ran.
  • An anti-criminal app to prevent thieves and robberies from your home.
  • An e-book app to provide books so that the user can read offline.
  • A search engine app that does not rely on https://www.google.com/search?q= service.
  • A file management app that detects malware and cleans trash.
  • A pet app to find your lost dog.
  • An augmented reality app to design your room.
  • A drawing app made to take notes or annotate an image.
  • A document app that scans images and converts them to PDF files.
  • An avatar designing app so that people can customize their own avatars.
  • A shooting game app that allows users to shoot monsters.
  • A translation app that also provides voice translation services.
  • A medical app made to help people who are diagnosed with diabetes.

All right, I thought you said to make an app that helps criminals but now its clear.

(post deleted by author)

  • A long division trainer app, where the student does long division step by step, digit by digit, under the watchful eye of the app
  • similar apps for multiplication, addition, subtraction
  • a change calculation trainer for cash register clerks

Well what kind of app was that, I can't find it on the link. @Peter I would be pleased if you tell what kind of app you made.


Wow! That is good. Thanks a lot for sharing it with me.

Here are some more websites for app ideas.

Why not do a Google search?


Hi guys !
Thanks for all those great ideas, and after seeing all the above ideas for apps, I have got the following ideas pls tell if they are possible to make-

  1. A social media app like facebook or Instagram, where people can share written texts, photos and videos.
  2. A payment app like PayTm, which uses UPI for payment.
  3. A video uploading and viewing app like youtube, where people can upload their video and also view them.

Pls tell if any of them a possible for me to make
Thanks and regards,
Arnav Tiwari
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but, you're asking for ideas, this is one