Android VpnService component with app inventor

I got an email from Google telling me that in my app I have to use VpnService component otherwise my app will be rejected by play store. My app uses a webview component to login on some sites by a user supplied username and password.
Do somebody know how to use this component with app inventor? Can you help me please?
Honestly, after so much work I would be sorry if my app was rejected...

Thanks for reply.

I had already read it. But how do I put it in the app with app inventor?

I think it's just information. Are you using any vpn extension in your app? If not, I don't think this information applies to you.

I don't use that extension in my app, but Google forces me to, otherwise it rejects the app from the Google Play Store. My problem is that I don't know how to use that component with App Inventor, nor do I know that there is an extension that allows me to use it. In pure C++ I write the code and solve, but how do you do it with app inventor blocks?

Can you show the full text of the message I got from google?

"VpnService compliance deadline extended to August 31, 2023

We previously announced that apps requiring VpnService must submit a declaration form by January 2023.

We give you more time to comply with all VpnService policy requirements for your apps. You now have until August 31, 2023 to comply with our VpnService rules.

To find out more, visit the Google Play About VpnService policies page."

This Is the full text of Google email.

Some ideas about?

Do you use any extensions? Which ones? It is possible one of the extensions you use uses VpnService

I don't use any extensions: in my app i only use WebViewer component to connect and to browser some sites. Nothing else. I don't know if WebViewer use VpnService and i don't know how i can use vpn servicein my app. For this reason i ask your help, if possible...

Can somebody help me to use some vpnservice component for my app, please?

App Inventor does not have a VpnService component. It has the WebViewer. Other developers use the WebViewer in their GooglePlay apps. What other code do you have in your app that might be triggering Google sending you the notice? The community has no record of another developer receiving this notice. What is different with your app since you seem to be the only App Inventor developer receiving this message? You could ignore the advice or specifically contact Google and ask them what your app does (or does not do) that elicited the notice you received.


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