[FREE] VpnChecker - Detect If User Is Using VPN

Hello Everyone :wave:

Today I will publish 7th extension, VpnChecker.


This is an extension to check if user is using VPN (Virtual Private Network).


component_method (4)
Boolean to check if user is using VPN or not. Returns true if user is using VPN & returns false if the user is not using VPN.


Direct Download : xyz.nisarga.VpnChecker.aix (6.1 KB)
Alternative Download Link : Click Here
This extension is free, forever :slight_smile:

Sample Blocks

Source Code (Open Source)

This extension is now open source and the source code is licensed under MIT License.

This extension does not require any API key.


Hello Nisarga

What is the purpose of this extension?

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This extension will check if the user of any device is using any Virtual Private Network or Proxy to manipulate his original IP Address or location.

That is what the extension can do - but what is the purpose of what it can do. If an App used the Extension, what use would the result be?

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is a nice extension :slight_smile:

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For example, 1 app is only available in a specific region and uses a VPN checker to block people trying to bypass the restriction with a vpn


That's not a reliable test though is it? The App User could easily be in an approved country but is using VPN for a different purpose.

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you can ask the user to disable the vpn

"you seem to be using a vpn/proxy. please disable it and try again"


there are apps that are connected to servers and a vpn activated can provoke an error

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thank you for your contribution
please remember the naming conventions, update your extension and republish it. Thank you.



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Wow i think that is useful extension.
Nice Work @Nisarga_Adhikary :star_struck:

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Now I can block people from using VPN, so they have to disconnect, or some more!


Good extension! It's really easy to use.

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I made the extension open-source