Android emulator app connect to raspberry pi 4 via bluetooth is not established

Hello all,

I am trying to create a mobile application that can send or receive data to/from a Raspberry Pi. I started with the following suggestions, using the same .aia files imported in MIT App Inventor: Raspberry Pi. Bluetooth. Send. Receive and also one tutorial from youtube with car controller (youtube /watch?v=xfmdanZ_Fgc)

The Bluetooth connection between my PC and Raspberry Pi is established and working. I have tested it through these client/server scripts (pybluez/examples/simple at master · pybluez/pybluez · GitHub) and the data transmission/reception worked.

However, the problem is that after I emulate the mobile application with aiStarter, when I try to press "connect Bluetooth", the connection is not established, and no data is transmitted/received. On the Raspberry Pi, the connection with the PC where the application is emulated appears to be active. Do you have any idea why I am not able to connect them when trying from the emulated application?

The emulator would have to find and support BlueTooth hardware on the PC running the emulator. That's a tall order.

From what I've read, the emulator accepts bluetooth from the device I'm running on (PC).
Do you have another idea?

I think it's a matter of proper bluetooth configuration on your computer. So that it works on the right com port and spp profile.

But after what I read in some links from google, what you write is not true, and bluetooth doesn't work in the emulator.

Show me the links !

OK, you are right, it doesn't work with the emulator, I will try with an android tablet.