Alphabet letters shuffler

Hello there. Im in a need of making a simple app, but im complete newbie, so maybe big brains from the community will help me. Basicly as you can see on the image i have 40 labels, each label is a separate hangul letter, all the labels are inside a TableArrangement1 . 4 columns 10 rows each, and a button. The idea is simple. When user push button, all the letters are shuffling to a random order. Sounds simple, and for many of you its easy to code, but for me is a space science. Can anyone show me how to do it?

thanks in advance!

A simple way could be to fill a list with all the characters and get a random item from this list while you delete it too. Repeat until list is empty. When you select the item you have to set it in the label. Probably the best and faster way to do this is to work with any component .

It may also be better to not use a Table Arrangement, but to build your own from vertical and horizontal arrangements - the Table Arrangement can be buggy in production.


You know a guide for any component? I'm searching for but I found only this :sweat_smile: for now


Here are some generic block samples ...

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Since you are using 40 labels , don't use native components.. try with dynamic buttons .. also you can code it very easily with less blocks

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Wow very nice :muscle:t2: Probably a little hard for a beginner but very helpful guide :clap:t2::clap:t2:

in fact for this case, if the label are always there and no need to hide/show, then native component is not that difficuly:

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Here is one way....

Number of items in labels === number of items in alphabet

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