How do you use Youtube Extension by Andres Daniel?

Hello everyone,
I need your help today because I want to make a youtube app, and to do so I need an extension. I've tried looking for an extension on
but I found nothing helpful.
Can someone explain first how to find the extension a person is looking for and second how to apply the extension to App Inventor.
Thank you very much,

  1. How do you know you need an extension ?
  2. Use the search facilities provided by google or the browser to search for an extension. On The Puravidapps page I usually run CTRL-F and search the page. (e.g. in your case - "youtube")
  3. See for how to use an extension.
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Thank you very much @TIMAI2. I'll see what I can can do with your guidelines :+1:

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Ok I've look it up and the only result I found is this
But I don't see the URL of the extension to that will be imported into my project

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You have found one of the few extensions no longer available for whatever reason!!

@Taifun perhaps a relink or remove ?
(Youtube Extension by Andres Daniel)

Ahh :sweat_smile:
Sorry ok thank you.

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thank you @TIMAI2 and @Ken , I corrected the link in the directory

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Unfortunately, in 13 days that link will no longer be valid.

I have grabbed the extension and the web page just in case.

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Thank you everyone for spending time trying to solve my problem.
Now it works perfectly! :grin:

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