Air ticket booking app - importing data from Google sheet

My excel/ google sheet contains multiple columns - Departure City, Arrival City, Flight options, Dep date, Dep time, Fare (one way), Fare (round trip), and etc

Many travel sectors are offered to choose from in the drop down menus. Each and every travel sector offered are having different data on those columns

The question is that;
Let’s say if someone select any travel sector, say from Singapore to Tokyo, how can I bring rest of the relevant data such as the relevant flight no, dates and fares from the excel/ google sheet

Appreciate if anyone can help me solving this

Thank you

Airlines spend millions with database software companies to do this...

Google Sheets is not the best medium to use for this, you would need, as a minimum, a relational database such as mySQL or sqlite (backend on server) to handle the complex queries required. You would probably also need to run a local database (sqlite) on your device.

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Use gviz together with a SQL query
SELECT * WHERE 'travel sector' = 'Singapore to Tokyo'

Alternatively use rhe Spreadsheet component