[AI2 offline] Where are the projects stored?

I built app Inventor in local, but I couldn't figure out where projects (Aias) are stored.
Anyone knows where they are stored?
Thanks in advance!

Maybe in Datastore.

@vknow360 is correct. The GAE dev server creates a datastore in appengine/build/war/WEB-INF/ where the contents are stored. In most cases I believe the keys are base64 encoded, so you can decode them to determine the exact file names. Note that we store the server side data as individual files, not as an AIA. The AIA is for convenience when exporting projects to not have to deal with passing around many files (it's just a ZIP file with a different extension).


Thank you for your response.

All users projects of app Inventor online also are stored like so, in this directory: "appengine/build/war/WEB-INF/" ?

When running online the projects are stored in Google's Cloud Datastore. You can see the contents there. Projects are never stored as AIA files on the server, that representation is only used when exporting the projects for users.

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