AI2 app's on big screen, Android on normal PC hardware, 4k monitor

Does anybody have experience on that subject?! I need a tested solution to have my app made in AI2 on a 4K 27-inch touchscreen monitor and Chrome OS (I think) on normal PC hardware.

Does anybody here do that?

Thank you in advance, Dan

You possibly can do something like that with an emulator on your PC. Use the Classic Theme.

Win11 supposedly has the ability to run Android apk's, that might work too.

How to Install Android APK on Windows 11 & Run Android App.

Does this work for you?

I prefer a native, not a virtual machine. I read a lot about this subject and now I'm testing in real life but without luck... for the moment.

For the moment I am fighting with Sentio Desktop on my old phone (Redmi Note 7, I must change it...), and doesn't work.

I step up on my Doogee tablet... Sentio Desktop seems to be too old to know Android 13, doesn't work. Now I am searching for an alternative to all that to see if I can manage to install something on Doogee tablet to give me some video out on USB C.

If I don't find anything... well... I will sacrifice one of my old PCs (one with an Intel Xenon/8Gb-RAM) - I don't know if Android OS will like the old VGA card...

For that reason, I ask here about somebody that already has experience with that.

Thank you @SteveJG for your time, Dan

PS - here It is the solution... anyway... I must change my phone... :rofl: But is not ideal... The ideal is a classic PC hardware and Android native on it.

Anyway... Outhere on the internet, is a true and cruel jungle. The truth is that when I bought my two tablets, the DOOGEE T30 Pro and Lenovo Tab P12 (not Pro, the Pro version has video output on USC-C, but is double the price of non-Pro, but the non-Pro doesn't have video out on USB-C...), I didn't have in my plan for the actual AI2 app at that I'll work. So... Anyway I need to change my phone... I have a solution with Moto... But...

Please remember that I do not make any publicity at anything, the links are for exemplification purposes!!!

I take a look at this Mini PC and at this touch-screen monitor.

From the price/performance ratio, it seems to be a good choice. I'm wondering if I can install a natively Android OS (Chrome OS) operating system in it and... the big question is that AI2 knows how to work with Android OS (Chrome OS) as a companion!!!

That's the big question. Anyway... Amazon accepts returns so... no money is lost but I hate the returns.

Why not... Chromebook?! Well... for me the hardware resources that have the Mini PC seems to be best that a price egual Chromebook.

Yes it does (on a proper chromebook - not tested with chromeos-flex, maybe someone else can advise)

The good news is that AI2 loves Chromebook (from a tested already point of view), we will see if will like Chrome Flex... At the moment I have some other financial priorities but... will pass... And I will buy the mini PC and the monitor.

But before that, I will try ChromeOS on one of my computers this week.

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MIT App Inventor companion can't be installed on ChromOS Flex. Does somebody know why?! Is there any possibility of installing it?! Even WhatsApp can't be installed on ChromeOS Flex!!! Only WhatsApp Web.

.apk, .aab are useless on ChromeOS Flex. It doesn't work. So... MIT App Inventor/ MIT App Inventor apps are useless on ChromeOS Flex.

US_test.aia (137.2 KB)

Above is a test.aia. if somebody can/wants to compile them and test them on a Chromebook... We all will be smartest. The important test can be on some video output on Chromebook... On an external monitor.

If someone doesn't want to test my .aia file..., you can test your .aia and/or .apk.

The important thing is to know if an app made on AI2 works on Chromebooks.

So... My idea with a mini PC and a 27-inch 4K monitor... Was born dead.

Remain The Motorola phone!!! Or Chromebook. Or... 3K Lenovo P12 tablet...

Next test... Motorola smartphone with 4K external monitor.

Did you attempt to install the Companion app through the Play Store ? This is the recommended way to do it.

( I know there is a method to sideload apps, but in this case, use the Play Store)

On the above image, you have the Play Store.

Strike that, I just looked it up:

Looks like you are out of luck, unless you use an emulator.

I hate the latency of the emulators. As my app will be somehow a "real-time app" almost sure the emulators will have problems with wifi, Bluetooth, and so on...

By the way... .apk is somehow Linux app?!

Short answer, no, it is an android installable. I'll try this...

I do not try this...

:x: Unsupported Hardware:
Older Intel/AMD CPUs are not supported.
dGPUs are not supported.
Virtual Machines are not supported.
ARM CPUs are not supported.


Seems that ChromeOS Flex does NOT install Play Store!!! The above image was on the web. So... let's find an easy way to install ChromeOS (without Flex) or another thing that can enable that Play Store.

It might be that your "app" can be built as a web app using html/css/javascript...

Almost sure, even I can make my app on Labview... But... Must be done on AI2.

I can get this using Genymotion Emulator on my 27" monitor - fullscreen

If I wanted to ramp up the resolution in the settings I would need to buy a licence

The emulator says Bluetooth is on, but have not tested it

I see that there are several android 27" all in one devices available for sale (at a price!). Even then, they may not have the resolution you are seeking.

I installed the "official" AI2 emulator on my "work" PC, but it gave me a lot of errors. So... I hate the emulators. Anyway, I prefer to work with companion, with a real device. Those things with emulators I don't like them.

Another solution, a wise/clever solution... can be... Hackintosh!!! Anyway... I discover that exists... Chromeboxes... I know... I'm an old Windows guy... The problem with Hackintosh is the legality, 10 years ago I fought with Leopard and Snow Leopard on a Hackintosh machine (in fact... on the same machine that now I install ChromeOS Flex
:rofl: ), which was a wonderful experience.

Always when a door is closed on our nose... another door/doors are opened but we must... stop... only for a moment and... think, thinking... doesn't hurt.


Been having a play... Genymotion device Google Pixel C, a 10.2" device, 2560x1800 with density of 320.

Simple responsive design of 128 cells, and displayed on 27" monitor

gives a bit more space if toolbar and navbar are hidden

Each "squircle" measures 27 x 27 mm (1 1/16th") - just got it up to 30x30mm by changing resolution.

Using linux I have window control tools that could probably get the squircle size up to near 40x40.


The... "squircle" are png?!