AI Starter install in AMD CPU computer unsuccessful

i will install MIT_App_Inventor_Tools_30.265.0_win_setup64 to lenovo T14s gen2, the notebook has AMD CPU, i not success, do you has fix the problem, thank

MIT will comment.

@Susan_Lane in the meanwhile while you work out a solution, why not restore the link to the 'original' emulator. It is what I use successfully. Eventually it might stop working because of Chrome issues but for the moment it will provide a useful emulator for those developers who have AMD PCs.

Other emulators to try:

(My Windows 11 Home laptop refuses to run any emulator. Fortunately I have an Android phone with WiFi support.)

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do you has tutorial to teach how to restore 'original' emulator???

The original App Inventor Windows emulator runs an extremely old version of Android that we no longer support. You're better off using the emulator alternatives in the FAQ link that ABG posted. The primary feature of our emulator is that it comes with the Companion installed. You should be able to install the Companion onto any emulator just by dragging the apk file onto it while it's running.

It appears MIT cannot locate a copy of the original emulator because

I tried to post a copy of the installer for the older emulator that might help you but the file is too large. Perhaps @Susan_Lane could provide you a copy when she has time.

Even though they no longer support it, it still works. Sorry MIT is unable to help you @WAI_YAN_BECAUSE_LAM