AI starter 5554 emulator white screen only

Its just a white screen when connecting to emulator 5554

Do you mind taking a screenshot of your blocks? If it's a white screen, it means it is loading. Before it happened to me, and I clicked on the white screen for some times, then it successfully loaded my project.

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Hello appjahron

It may be that your Project includes something that the Emulator is incompatible with (an extension for example).

Consider the Emulator as something to test a small portion of code. It is far better to work with the Companion on your device (phone).

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It will not be easy to solve the problem unless you provide the blocks or the AIA of your app project

P.S. You aren't giving us any response so we won't know whether the problem is fixed or not. If it does not work for you, at least tell us something like 'no it doesn't work'

I think something must be incompatible I guess unless I can observe your blocks


Just this thing won't help

How so? What is a screenshot of a white screen going to tell us?


There are more modern emulators available at

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what is it showing? why is that white screen showing? we have to figure that out right? that's why i'm asking or a screenshot / blocks!

And @abg is right. Modern emulators will fix the problem :wink:

The Google Android emulator is Android 2.2, so it is very limited. Many extensions, or even components, requires an SDK version larger than SDK 8.

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Once you have got a white screen, that's it, issue has halted the Emulator - a screenshot of the white screen serves no purpose.

The next step should always be to try the Companion or an APK - do not assume the failure of the Emulator to mean that the App fails.

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Nash, you have not replied on your own Topic. Can you test your App via the Companion and/or as an APK?

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