Adding a default value in the List View

I want to put a default value in the (Search list) of the List View component. Is it possible ?

As far as I know, that is currently not possible to do using the present ListView component of AI2.

However, as a workaround, you can use a TextBox with a default search value instead of using the builtin search bar in the ListView, and you can then use the Text Contains block to match items in the ListView with the value of the TextBox, and then update the elements in the ListView to only show the ones that match with your Textbox query.

If you can use extensions, then you can do so with this extension while keeping the original search engine.

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Thanks, let me try that.
The other thing about the "ListView Search" is that it responds immediately as one type any character, like a hot key. I do see a "on change" option in the TextBox to use it in the same way. Any ideas on that ? :thinking:

Thanks for your input on List View Plus. I will try it. I hope support for the above extension remains. I want to try and write my own extension. Where do I start ?

You can use the TextboxUtil extension which has an on changed event:

Or you can also use the extensions provided by the fellow community members above.