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Hello All,
I have a google sheet where I will update weather data of 10 different areas starting from row 2 as row 1 is header. Column A is date and time, Column B is Area name and from Column C is where the actual weather data starts. Like temperature in Column C, Column D is Pressure, Column E is humidity percentage, column F is weather description and so on. The new data gets rewritten on existing rows frequently, which is working fine. Now I want to create an app in which when the user selects one of the 10 areas from the spinner, then the weather data of that particular area is auto fetched from that particular row of the google sheet and placed in the respective weather data labels. Is this possible?

Thank You

How much Designer work have you invested so far into the display?

What you want is very possible, within the constraints of the google sheet download frequency capacity.

P.S. Lazy way to display a Sheet in YAML:

Also, more techniques for Google Sheets:

I showed something similar yesterday

P.S. Pull in a Clock component from the Sensors Drawer for the auto-refresh.
Don't be a pest to the server.

Thank you @ABG and @TIMAI2. I did try out TIMAI's method of making the sheet public and then pulling the data for the rows and it works brilliantly. Now I have a few more questions.. You said "Don't be a pest to the server.". If my users keep checking the weather data, it will frequently open the public google sheet, then would my google account get banned for high usage or the sheet temporarily becoming offline? Second question is, if my users frequently check weather data, the app would be opening csv file of the google sheet, would that increase the app cache size, if yes how to tackle it?


Certainly don't go polling the weather spreadsheet in a Clock Timer, weather doesn't change that frequently.

Make your users click a Button to get a download, or just download once when the app starts.

Google's quota response would depend on your user count. See

to get an idea of the limits.

I can't imagine any harm from saving the last download locally in the phone.
Even if you have a weather history pack rat, this is a tiny bit of data in the grand scheme of things.

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