Add new component in app invemtor

Please make tutorial’s how to edit mit app inventor offline and add new components.
I want to copy all components from appzard to mit app inventor offline. Please make latest videos

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Are you allowed to do that?


If you want to copy all components, then you can find the MIT AppInventor source code in GitHub.

You are allowed to setup a separate server of AppInventor of your own. I'm not sure if you are authorised to copy components to AppInventor Offline, but you can always set up your own server.

@Peter I am really surprised, why people want to copy component from other builder to their own version. Directly go to particular clone of the App Inventor and build your App.

@M.Zain coming to your question, As far as I know you can't copy the components form one builder to another since Appzard is not an opensource (maybe I am wrong)so they don't allow you do that.


I still know a way in which you can get the source codes of components. I discovered it while I was experimenting a fully legal thing for my app made in AppInventor.

I never tested for other sites, but I'm sure that will work.

But the only thing is, copying source code from a non-open-source site might be illegal.

So ya, tell me if it is legal, I'll then tell you the process.

These all things are made by following some approach or process of development so always there is kind of reverse engineering techniques to get source code, but it illegal.

Ya but the process in which I got it unknowingly is fully legal for one performing on his/her own app.

Yes, there is, such as decompiling, but that is unethical.

Step 1 - Learn Java. Learn how to make the components yourself.

Step 2 - Add them.

I know that Appzard developers spent a lot of effort on their project, so it is hard to duplicate all of their components.

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Appzard is work very slowly on my computer and mit app inventor offline is working soo smooth. So therefore i want to add basics new component in app inventor offline. Because app inventor have very old components and not have latest component.

Yes! I want to make builder just for me and not for public as website.
I haven't any coding skills. I just want to copy code of a component and paste into mit app inventor for adding new component. Please tell me how can i add latest components in app inventor offline without any coding skills.

I don't want to hack appzard . i just want to add all new components like kodular components into app inventor offline. Because appzard builder is hanged in my pc and have much crashes and errors. So i just want to add all main and basics components for my own use to making apps

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this question have been asked so many time.
You can search "add component" and will get an answer.
here is one of them, which have been mentioned by @SHUBHAMR69 :

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Give examples of the components you want to add.

There are many extensions that can help you.

Just name the components.

You can not. If you want something done you have to learn the skills.

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Airtable,ads,cardview,progressbar,download,bottom navigation bar,

You need coding skills. Other developers have spent so much effort in their work.

Ads has multiple extensions, search in the community.

Cardview also has an extension, search in the community.

Progressbar, for webpages, can be implemented by combining CustomWebView extension and a Thumb Disabled Slider.

Downloads can be done using the CustomWebView Extension.

And what do you mean by "bottom navigation bar" and "airtable" ?

Actually Gordon, MIT AppInventor has been made so that people can develop apps without any coding skills.

@Gordon_Lu is talking about extending App Inventor.


But one doesn't need coding skills in AppInventor, specially now, due to the hundreds of extensions, AppInventor has become invincible. So no need of coding.