Add new component in app invemtor

Not really. Components in Kodular, like State Progress Bar, require AAR libraries, while App Inventor does not support AAR libraries yet.

We are talking about creating your own App Inventor and add more features in it, not building apps.

Airtable component missing and bottom navigation component missing.

Why don’t you learn Java and make them yourself? Everything is not convenient in the world. If you don’t spend effort into something, you won’t accomplish anything.

Can anyone update mit app inventor offline and add all latest features in app inventor source code in github. We than we just need to install app inventor and start using.

Mit app inventor has very old source code . please add more component and update source code

Why do you think that? Have you examend the App Inventor source code? App Inventor is an educational tool. If you want to have all the latest features of Android use an App Inventor clone like Kodular, Appzard or Niotron or develop one yourself.

Almost everything can be done with free or paid extensions.

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There is no such thing as MIT App Inventor Offline. There are packages published that run App Inventor offline, but MIT and MIT App Inventor are trademarks of MIT and we do not publish any offline packages. App Inventor's sources are available on GitHub for anyone to take and modify, so long as they do so under the terms of the Apache Software License 2.0. One key item in the Apache license is that people can rerelease code under other terms, including proprietary ones. This is important because that doesn't imply that downstream versions of App Inventor can be modified or copied by you. I am not a lawyer though and you should seek legal counsel in your jurisdiction as to the legality of what you are asking to do.


Yes sir you are right.
But i haven't any coding experience so therefore i just want to get latest offline free builder for making apps.

Thanks sir i learned a lot of by this community😍