Activity with no screen

I have an App with several activities/screens. One of these screens shall only do data operations and not correspond with any user actions, only get the plain start text, do operatins with it and send back a plain text. How can I disable the screen in this activity ?

Hi Michael

The real question is, why use an extra screen when clearly it is not required? Just add the Blocks it would have to the Screen that would have shared the data........

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The real answer is, that I use these blocks of code in several other Apps and call them by activity Starter. And I do not want that the screen ist shown for a few milliseconds.

Michael, please give us a thorough description of what your App does. A schematic could help.

I plan to write several Apps that do not need to show a screen, for example:

  1. read values from a database and send them back to a calling App
  2. read values from a sensor which is connected via bluetooth and send them back to a calling App
  3. send information to an EV3 received from a calling App
    and several more.
    These 3 (and more) Apps shall be universal and be called by other Apps which have the screens for user input or output. As the called Apps do not need screen handling I am looking for a way to disable the screens there. In my solutions there is for a very short moment the screen in the called Apps visible. I try do disable this because that does not look fine.

this is not possible directly in App Inventor...
you can try to modify the manifest like this

see also


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