Accessing a database

Hey Community!
A beginner here.
I wanted to access or show data on my app from a database of a third party site for COVID case tracking. I found these 2 links on their website.
Please tell me which one to use and How??

I think the second one. Please assist/help!

Link to website( want to represent data in app like it is presented here)(without web viewer)

What do you want to show in your app ?

The link is offering a choice of json or csv data structures, which are you more comfortable with ?

Regardless, you are going to have to do some number crunching, and perhaps some graphing or tablong to present something meanfulful

The only number of active confirmed recovered etc. cases as shown on the website(excluding graphs) and yes, LIVE


Sorry sir, being a beginner, I don't know much(how to do it)
Please guide me!

Find the dataset or datasets that you need for this, suggest we start with the csv ones, then we can work out what you need to do next.

@TIMAI2 Ok Sir

Actually I don't know ANYTHING about how to access a database whether it is csv or json. I would be grateful to you if you help me with this.:slightly_frowning_face:
Thanking You,

Start here

and here

Thanks @ABG !!