About the Extensions category

Propose new extensions, get help with extensions, or share your extensions here. If you are a developer writing an extension, please see the #open-source-development:extension-development category instead.

For extension authors looking to publish their extensions here, you should include the following information:

  • Name of the extension
  • Contact information so that the community (and MIT) can get in touch with you if there are issues with your extension
  • A brief description of your extension and how it can be used in App Inventor
  • Reasonable documentation (or a link thereto) which includes:
    • A description of the designer properties
    • A description of the blocks and accepted values for each of the sockets
    • A screenshot of the blocks as seen in MIT App Inventor
  • An example project (or a link thereto) that shows how the extension can be used and why someone would need it
  • (optional) A tutorial that makes use of your extension that beginners can use to understand how it is used in practice

A note on documentation: If you’re using master as of nb181, you can cd into the appengine directory and run ant BuildDocs to build the Markdown and HTML files (you will get extensions.md and extensions.html in your docs directory) using the same templates as the App Inventor documentation. The Markdown documentation could be hosted using GitHub Pages, for example.


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