About GSOC contribution

Is it necessary to have a University email (edu email) to be a GSOC applicant ??

I don't think so that it's compulsory but let's wait for some professional in it


Use your school email probably.

i don't have one that is the problem

No, a school email is not required for participation in GSOC. A Google account of some kind is because we typically coordinate via Google Chat. The reference to a school email address in the screenshot is for a reference, such as a professor, to who, we could reach out if we have any questions.

also i was thinking that if i can make those palette changes(Hide element on click) as a GSOC contributor, i think i have learnt GWT enough for palette changes as @preetvadaliya suggested but some of the things that are freaking me out are

  • do i have to make a complex app in mit app inventor -- i can try that
  • edu issue - you solved it
  • do i have to make project so that i can start my work on to because i haven't found any project for user interface changes so that i can contribute

Generally, we don't accept projects not on the GSOC list. We attempt to do some of the leg work prior to start GSOC so we are aware of any potential pitfalls before participants start on their project in earnest. You're welcome to contribute changes prior to and during GSOC separate from your GSOC project (in fact, we encourage it because it gives us a better sense of your abilities), but just be aware it's generally better to get buy in from the team here at MIT first before making significant code changes, especially things that are user facing.