Hide element on click

Elements in palatte section works fine;
on click, element opens the list of attributes but it stays open until you click the other element
but I want to add the feature to hide the element on click(or on double click) after the user is done with that
it will add more flexibility to the user-interaction

please give me feedback so that i will start working on this

i have tried this by inspecting in chrome.

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Why did you? It will bug App Inventor harshly that it will soon crash and corrupt your app.

And please make your question more clear.

I want to make changes in the web, in the palette section to make it more flexible not in my any app

but you are not supposed to, try to message to @ewpatton for the feature request because he is the lead engineer of App Inventor. The moderators, the regulars, or even the members can't help you :frowning_face:

thank you for being helpful

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You're welcome!

But was I really helpful?

i would suggest if you have java and web knowledge then run your own ai2-sources on your device if you have a desktop or laptop

I agree with the OP on the need for this, especially on smaller screens like laptops.
The User Interface pallete pushes the next pallete down offscreen, and it can only be closed by scrolling down to another pallete and clicking that other pallete.

Clicking the User Interface pallete header should close it, pulling all the other palletes below it up.

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No, this is not true.

Please don't instruct people to private message me. This is the open source group and discussions should be public.

The palette panel is implemented using a GWT StackPanel, as you can see here. You'd probably need to define your own subclass to change its behavior to handle collapsing the currently open panel.


User Interface of MIT App Inventor is made with Google Web Toolkit and entire UI is splited into small small part in the appengine directory.

If you want to change UI then you need to learn GWT and then you can start doing changes in UI part


okay i will work on it

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