Connect Smartphone with Raspberry Pi 3 over bluetooth

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I am an absolut beginner in Raspberry Pi and Mit App Inventor. I have an project to do, to connect a phone with a Rasberry Pi 3 over bluetooth but I dont know how to do it. I already searched up solutions and I tried them but as a result I dont see any progress. When I try to connect the phone to the rasberry over MIT App inventor, it is saying, that the device is not powered on. But I can connect the phone to the raspberry over the normal bluetooth settings. If you need more informations, just tell me. Already saying thanks to everybody trying to help me.

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There are a few forum Topics on this subject. These are interesting:

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So I did the tutorials and the one from antonio worked from me. After rebooting it didnt work again. I had to do all from the beginning again. Then I tried to reboot again and now it is not even working when doing the whole tutorial again. What infos do you need I offer them all.


You would never have to reboot and re-code except in exceptional circumstances where some sort of corruption had occurred.

Please upload your App Inventor Project (.aia) and the Raspberry Pi Script and let's see what we can work out.

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Hello Chris, so I used just the basic scripts from Raspberry Pi. Bluetooth. , with rebooting I also mean shutting down the raspberry and booting it up another day. with "sudo sdptool browse local" I should see bluez serial port on port 22. But when I reboot it dissapears and I have to redo the whole thing. I can send you the script but its just the one from the website.

Well, the App Inventor Project and the Script have to be singing the same song, so that's why I have requested them - to see exactly what you see. I will be blind though as I do not have a Pi.

I'm away from my desk now until late evening (UK time).

I think you mean this tutorial and this command.

sudo sdptool add --channel=22 SP

I haven't tried it, but maybe a script with that command to run at startup might work.

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I tried it but when I boot up the Raspberry, I dont even see the bluetooth sign, I have to uninstall bluetooth and bluez then install them again.

I use Raspbian (Buster) and Raspberry Pi 3 Model B and it keeps the settings when I reboot. I have created a script on the desktop with the command sudo sdptool add --channel=22 SP to set the channel.

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