2 or more CloudDB?

I'm making an app for indoor plants. The users need to register for an account before they can fully access the app, where they can add, delete, and update their plants(I used listview for this) the app will automatically remind or set an alarm for them when their plants need water, fertilizer and repotting after the users added their plants. I'm also going to add a virtual plant where the user can water and grow day by day.

So, my problem is that, I don't understand, and can't seem to find tutorials that could help me, on how will I'm going to save under that user account all the plants on the listview that the user add on his/her account and also the progress of his/her virtual plant.

I'm using CloudDB as my database and only have one screen. I'm using that one CloudDB on the sign up and log in, can't duplicate the "When CloudDB" blocks. So, I'm thinking of using 2 or more CloudDB for my app or there's a better way that I just didn't discover? I'm a newbie though.

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There is no need to use more than one cloudDB, it is more than capable for your requirements. You issue will be about how you are using it, setting of tags, calling back of tags and handling the output.

If you show your relevant blocks and the problem you are facing, we can probably help you find a solution.

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Your question is all about database design.

Firstly, understand fully how cloudDB works and what you can do with it:

Secondly, understand that cloudDB is a simple key:value (tag:value) flat database, and that you can store individual values, lists, and binary files (e.g. images)

Thirdly, you will need to spend some time, probably with pen and paper, drawing out how your database will be laid out, given your understanding of the above. You will most likely need your user data as you have already setup, then a tag:list for each users plants. The username should be the key you use when you call back the taglist in order to display that users plants list.


You might get some ideas from @ABG's work with the tinyDB:

Tree Editor


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working with CloudDB ?


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Well, our OP is working with CloudDB....


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