Email OTP Verification

hi, i would like to ask how to fix the problem in email OTP verification, the error message is "Error 1101: unable to get a response with the specified URL. hope you notice my reply, thank you!

Check your device, it may not be properly connected to the internet, or your network may be currently unstable, or there may be a server issue. It happens to me when I don't have access to the internet

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Hi, I double checked my network and it is stable. but still i get the error message

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The server is down

Which server ?

Is this related to cloudDB ?

No The person who created this ext his ext server is down

Which extension, no extension is mentioned above ?

This is a extension

Will you provide a link to the extension's landing page ?

do you know how to fix it?

I cannot do anything unless you share the location of the extension!

extension removed by Mod

this is the extension

Only the developer can post an extension, please post a link to developer's topic or site

Most probably server went down ...


This is the correct extension

Oh okay, thank you :slight_smile: