10000 markers on map using all tinywebdb tag values

basically i am trying to make sth like the booking.com maps, with a lot of markers centered around my location. When click a marker, the relevant info of that marker needs to be retrieved. All the information needs to be in the tinywebdb. I am thinking of sth like this:
genraltag: entry1-latitude1-longitude1, entry2-latitude2-longitude2, ....
entry1: a, b, c,...,latitude1, longitude1
entry2: a2, b2, c2...., latitude2, longitude2

by spliting the strings retrieved from "generaltag", get latitude, longitude and corresponding tag names. Then retrieve values for tag names. Is there a better way to deal with such operations? Thanks

If all the data will be returned in the same way, call an input procedure instead of the same blocks each time.

The following may give you some ideas.

  • 10,000 Map Markers? I am aware of one developer who had about 7,000 map markers posted before performance became terrible using the Map component.
  • The National Parks tutorial shows how to use run time Markers using a csv file. A csv file can be stored in a TinyWebDb or other database.

Probably. Use a csv file rather than individual Tags or use the GoogleMaps api or GoogleMapsPlatform What you do depends on what 'such operations' means, your coding skills, the tool you use to display markers and your budget.


Thanks for the info, can you provide an axample block to save a csv file in a tinywebdb? I have been trying that for a little while without much luck.

This is an example loading a csv to a TinyDB tag From csv table to tinydb . See post #19 The process for loading to a TinyWebDB tag would be essentially the same.

The example shows two ways

  • each element from the csv is loaded to a tag

  • the csv data is loaded to a list, then the entire list is saved to a single tag

Try some Blocks with a simple csv dataset.

Be aware, although the TinyWebDB component is usable, it is very limited and meant primarily as a demonstration for people who would like to create their own components that talk to the Web. See TinyWebDB.

There are better options than a tinyWebDB for your huge project.


The example you pointed to is the same as what I mentioned in my question, no? I'm not asking about how to implement that, I was trying to see whether there is a better strategy to do it.

That's what I answered. I do not have any TinyWebDB examples, the TinyDB (which is not in the Cloud) works similarly. Adapt and be happy. :slight_smile:

Of course there are better strategies :cry:

Use FirebaseDB, CloudDB or a GoogleSheet as a database. Or use the TinyWebDB; your choice. Databases


what do you mean "use a csv file rather than individual tags"? From the example you used, csv file is at the end saved as individual tags. Also is clouddb suitable for this? Greatly appreciate if you can give some details

The example shows two ways to use csv data; as individual

Tags or convert the csv to a List and post that to a Tag.

Said another way; take your csv, convert the csv to a List. Post the List in a catch all Tag. There are example Blocks in the Link.

suitable for your Project? or suitable for storing csv files as a List in a Tag.

Any of these 'databases' might be suitable:

or a GoogleSpreadsheet used as a database METRIC RAT AI2 - Working with Text and CSV Files on Google Drive

What you might use depends on the details of your Project.

or perhaps this is what you want to know


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Thanks everyone for your input! it helped me to make a decision for my purpose: a free webhost with php and mysql. In the [Database selection] topic, Taifun pointed to https://puravidaapps.com/mysql.php.