YouTube Tutorials for MIT App Inventor Beginners

I have started creating a few YouTube videos for MIT App Inventor Beginners.
Just for interest :grinning:
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Have you ever tried to make a website of your tutorials?

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I don't have a proper website. I use Google sites. I thought after I did a average number of YouTube videos I'll step to a website too

Me too, I can't do HTML.

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I know basic html but not much

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@Gordon_Lu use . It is also a drag and drop system like MIT app inventor. Coding is not highly necessary there.


I can make a website for you in HTML, please DM me if required :slight_smile:.

P.S. I subbed.


Wordpress is also a great tool. It also costs money, but it's definitely easier than hard-based HTML+CSS.


Thanks @NishyanthKumar

I need a paid domain but I don't want to pay yet.

That's ok, we can try to find a free hosting site (although it will be terribly slow).

Please share this topic :slightly_smiling_face:

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Will do :+1:


HTML + CSS is nothing to be afraid of, it's actually extremely easy to use and the best guide is free: HTML Tutorial


App Inventor changes a lot during the year. Are you going to keep your videos up to date? All videos should clearly state what App Inventor version is being shown. There are so many videos out there that are out of date and have become misleading.

Also, ensure you are teaching best practice!


Thanks for your advice @ChrisWard! I will use it in my later vids

I have only started for beginners I will move forward slowly with more advance vids

1 Like scroll down for comparison and specs haven't tried but read some guides and this looks too good to be true

I already have a good HTML/CSS website made; it contains a header and the content will be contained inside of a translucent box.

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Hi @RR_Media
I can help you make a website for free with domain
I even know HTML & CSS :wink:

But in infinityfree the website often goes down and sometimes unnecessarily suspended, Same happened with me :slightly_frowning_face:

Premium would be better than the normal but is PAID