Youtube Project

Previously we made a project about "top 5 views in greece" and now i need to make an app about "my top 5 favorite songs" but im not sure how to do it, so far i have done this

its what i did to the previous project but it doesnt work and i really need some help

In your current setup you have omitted ActivityStarter1.Action = android.intent.action.VIEW

You could use ListPicker1.SelectionIndex instead of


and is there a requirement to use the native device browser? Why not use the webviewer instead ?

`webViewer1.GoToUrl = select list item YoutubeUrl / index (or Listpicker1.SelectionIndex)

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okay so this is the 1st screen, after i click play it takes me to a list with the 5 songs i've put, i want to make it so when i click a "song title" to take me to the song but unfortunately when i click a "song title" it doesnt do anything

This works for me

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