Youtube does not work

I have used the web viewer to watch youtube many times before today, but when I opened it today, it says that I cant because the web I am using is out of date. same thing when I try to use the "sign in with google" option for there any way to fix this issue??

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Not finding the same problem with a new project setting the webviewer to a youttube url, tested in companion on Androidd 10 and 11.

Are you using an offline version of App Inventor ?


i am using the online version and I am working on a Chromebook

how are you testing?

i am using the app and the connect through Chromebook button

Slightly #off-topic, but not only does disarraying the text blocks not look clean, it also could cause some errors. Initialize all the links in a list, and use the select list item block to get one of them. You could even use a ListPicker to further streamline the process.