Youth Hacking 4 Freedom

Let's see if some of the App Inventor users from Europe are up to this challenge!

If you like coding, tinkering, and having fun with software and if you are up for a challenge, we have something exciting for you: "Youth Hacking 4 Freedom" (YH4F), the FSFE's hacking competition for young people from Europe!

Are you up to hacking on a software project of your choice? Do you want to meet like-minded people of your age from around Europe? What about getting the chance to receive one of our cash awards and to travel to Brussels to meet the other winners and great people from the Free Software movement? Then join the YH4F competition! The only conditions for you to join are that you are 14-18 years old and you live in Europe. Start by registering before Sunday, 31 October 2021 .

We are dedicated to offering an inclusive environment in the YH4F, and we would like to encourage teenagers of all genders to join! We will make sure everyone will enjoy the process and will leave this competition with added knowledge and a smile.


Only for Europeans?

Only Europeans.


Code with app inventor is allowed? or we have to code with other environment like python....


Yes, as far as i have read on the website you can use any programming language you want.

ok, Thanks :grin::grin::grin: