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How if i want call data from some sheet in 1 google spread sheet in a range...? That can be possible to make it in 1 url? Or have another way to do that?

The answer was provided in that topic:

You can go a step further if you only want a specific range, for example A2:B5, and add the range to the url as well:

if I have 2 sheets in 1 Google spreadsheet and need data in a certain range, do I have to use 2 urls for the 2 sheets or can I just create 1 url? Cz i want to show those data from 2 sheet and show them in 1 listview

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If you want to get two ranges from two sheets in your spreadsheet, then you will have to make two calls from the app, one for each range.

You could create a third sheet and copy both of the ranges there, then just make one call to get all the data, but your would need to sort it out once the data is back in the app.

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You are not restricted to one Web component.

Consider making a separate Web component for each different query type, so you can catch the results in separate Events.