Your build failed due to an error in the DX stage

pls help me my block are high to 8000 all in project.but i take this errorimage

please provide a screenshot of the complete error output window...
do you have only one screen with 8000 blocks or more screens?


Trying to push the limits! Snippets, Tutorials and Extensions from Pura Vida Apps by icon24 Taifun.

You will probably have to slim down the blocks. If you have a lot of repeating blocks, you can make a procedure out of them.

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i cant removed my labbels and mores but how can i cant take this error pls help me app inventor i have 1 week for this homework

Hello Oyun

We would really need to see your Blocks. However - question: Are you using a Table Arrangement to hold your Labels? If so, did you Copy - Paste them into the Table grid?

but the app inventor saying this image

Please answer my questions Oyun.

and i have, up to 7500 blocks in only one screen

ok am i send you all my screens block?

So you mean you can no longer work in the Blocks Workspace?

Better to upload your Project File (.aia file) via Projects/Export selected project.

You haven't answered my questions...... help us to help you.

i try this (save .aia on my computer ) maybe i cant give you an answers my error is this


pls can you help me again

hmm... are you here can you help me,my error:

imageARE YOU HERE CHRİS,if you help me i will be very
very very happy(PLEASE HELP!!)

That is not exporting the Project Oyun :grin:

Like this:

And upload to your Forum Topic:

Upload to Forum

ok Pls help me chris.aia (666.9 KB) it is this

For future reference - no spaces in Project Names!

yes i forget this,i only rename this after i install my computer,ok i give you againproje.aia (666.9 KB)

no need to, I can re name it myself :koala:

yes i now this too but you are saying me i say this,(WHY WE SPEAK THİS :grin: :grin: :grin:)

A lot of Project to go through, so I will comment on it as I find things that could be better.

  1. The images are not optimized for Android.