Yet another ghost in the machine

Design specs:
Image in Design window:
Actual executed outcome:

In this ghost example, I have added a label to the screen and called it "lbl date format". I have assigned the text "MM/dd/YYYY" to first appear until the user has made any changes to how the app displays the date.
What I find is that when the app opens up, it keeps the original Text of (in this example) 'Text for Label37', which was the assigned text prior to my changing it to 'MM/dd/YYYY'. For some reason there are two dozen or so other labels in this app that do not react in this odd way, and will display the text from the Text property control in the set up.
I do notice that if I use my device (An android 12 Cat S42) there is no confusion as to what should appear in the label at run time.
I have been enjoying App Inventor 2 for about 4 or 5 years and have lots of fun creating apps to help me at work. In the last month I have come across some ghosts.
<= appears as >= but executes appropriately, and vice versa.
An on-the-fly email body will nullify the creation of an email whilst testing in Chromebook
And now a Label Text that does not what it is bid, again, whilst testing in chromebook.
To combat the ghosts, in the first example I eliminate the use of the compound test and simply use < OR > as a test. So far I have not run into any trouble.
The second problem, I just have to connect to my phone to test, and put up with the fact that the device immediately disconnects as soon as the email app opens on my device.
For the third ghost I just add the text to the label in the initialisation of the program.
This is a long winded whinge, really, not a request for help, as I understand it is something about my setup, or more aptly, lack thereof, that seems to be causing these ghosts. Or, just maybe, it is something from the deep, dark side of the machine code whence it all prevails.

I am aware it would be another "PITA", but perhaps it is time for a "Powerflush" of your Chromebook?

Perhaps. Sorry, Tim, refresh my memory... PITA?


I only used it because you used it in your previous topic about sending an email body

yes, a pain in the ... of course. Thanks.
Gonna do a power flush