Yesterday all my projects were listed in My Projects. Today several are missing. I have not changed my email address and am using the same computer. Can I recover these projects?

One was called physic2 another GPS. These and several others are missing. At least 20 or more are still on the server. Any help is appreciated.

Sorry to here that. You might want to contact @Susan_Lane. Send her a message with that email address and she may help you.

Hello Edward - is it possible that your broadband and/or your Browser were not optimal when you logged in? If someone else is using your bandwidth, that may prevent the List being completed because the Server times-out.

Note that it is a good idea to keep Project Backups on your local hard drive.

Thanks Chris
That is a possibility and hopefully this will return to optimal. I did have backups of about 90% of my projects but just a few projects were missing.

I'm not sure if I can help with this or not, but I did reply to the PM.

Son pienamente d'accordo con @ChrisWard sul fatto che bisogna avere tutti i backup sul disco rigido, per ogni evenienza.