YandexTranslate and Speech Recogniser

I been trying to identify the issue but am going around in circles.

The YandexTranslate, Textto Speech and Speech Recogniser works well for English, Spanish, French, German and Italian. But for Russian, I am able to translate Text but not speech.

Any assistance would be appreciated.

Russian may not be one of the TextToSpeech languages supported on your device.

On some versions of Android, you can check. Review the Settings General management>TEXT-TO-SPEECH and discover what languages are supported on your device.

Text is translated but speech is not.
I will however check the languages supported on my device
Thank you for your response

[quote="Anup_Ludra, post:3, topic:18144"]
but speech is not.

To make your app speak the Russian translation, use The TextToSpeech component
You are also setting the language in your Spinner with TextBox1.Text to ru ; don't you really want to set the TextToSpeech.Language to ru instead?

I am selecting Russion from the Spinner component. It is workiing for French, German, Spanish and Italian. but not for Rusian. For Russian, text is getting translated, but Speech is not.

Text is being translated

But you are not setting the TextToSpeech.Language setting unless your app has some Blocks that you did not post. See

Use this block to determine if Russian is supported on your device

List of the languages available on this device for use with TextToSpeech. Check the Android developer documentation under supported languages to find the meanings of these abbreviations.

The way it is ....
Its working for French, Spanish, German and Italian.
On the same logic, Why would it not work for russian !?
I am selecting the desired Language from the Spinner. The Spinner Selection is being assigned to Textbox1. TandexTranslate is picking up the desired Language from the Textbox1. Its working for the 4 languages as brought out above. But not for Russian .

Roger Sir
Thank you.
Will study it and work on the blocks accordingly.

To me, however, it gives another problem.
When I click the translate button for the first time, Google Voice reads with the Italian voice imitating French and therefore does not translate into French.
On the second click, does the text read it perfectly in French?
post the pictures if anyone knows how to solve this problem.