Yandex translate blocked by district

My district has blocked the Yandex translator site. Is there another translator I can use with the file I am using which is attached below.
translate_tutorial11.aia (33.0 KB)
This is a tutorial from a curriculum listed on MIT App Inventor, [Teaching with App Inventor], (Computational Thinking Curriculum)

If there is another translator, how do I get it "attached" to App inventor, as the Yandex translator is a hidden component within the Media palatte, with some of its own blocks.

MIT is experimenting with a new translator. The new Translator component works just like YandexTranslate and will
eventually replaceYandex.

You can test the new component at

If your school district is Blocking Yandex, there is not any simple option . :cry: to amend the tutorial. You could provide your own 'dictionary',

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Awesome, thanks for the info. I will test it out and cross my fingers.....

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A school blocking a service isn't really a problem we can solve. It's a people problem not a technical one. Talk with your school IT to determine whether it is warranted and roll it back if necessary.

When will this new "Translator" be published?
Do you have a schedule?
I'm planning to develop a Translator app and I am going to wait for new Translator if it won't take too much time.

You can develop apps using the YandexTranslate component today. When the new component is published, all apps will be converted to use it.


Seems that the test server has already replaced the YandexTranslate component with the new Translator component from Amazon. When will this be published in the main server?

We generally try to avoid pushing out releases at this time given that the AP CSP exams are approaching in the US. Possibly the second half of May or June unless external factors force the issue.

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