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Good evening from Spain, I am new to this community so sorry if I make a mistake, I come to ask about a problem that happens to me, I don't know if I am doing it wrong or it is a system failure. I am creating a translator which collects the text from a text box and sends it to yandex, when yandex translates it I have indicated that the translated text should be placed in a different text box. The problem is that when pressing the button that triggers the event that calls the translator then it does not return the text, I have also tried to use a label to place the translated text but it does not work either. Could it be that the yandex component is obsolete due to some change that was made in the api? In the block editor everything is correct, there are no warnings, the idioms code is es-en.
the api key I use is default

Did you search the community before starting a new topic ?

Plenty of information about yandex...

These blocks are working here:


It doesn't work for me, can I upload the project file here for you to see?

Yes, but if your blocks look the same as mine.....

The project is built from the yr media tutorial, the components and configuration used are those provided in the tutorial, but it does not work for me, I can also make a video capture of my phone so that it can be verifiedtranslate_tutorial.aia (32.7 KB)

You have your blocks around the wrong way :wink:


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Does this mean that the yr media tutorial is wrong? My blocks are placed as the tutorial says

Look again - I checked this

I am sorry to disagree with you, it is the 3rd time that I have reviewed the tutorial, the indicated blocks are configured, if the error was mine the editor would mark an error, if it were my fault it would not allow me to generate the app, but the app is generated correctly but not does what it should

the tutorial is here
and this is a screenshot of step 12

now compare again your solution and what @TIMAI2 said earlier...


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ok now it works, and to make it more interesting I have added a text-to-speech component that speaks the translation aloud, thanks for putting up with me and making me understand.
Although this yandex translator does not have the same quality as bing or google, but that does not depend on you, I know that cannot be changed

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