Yandex API error

I did not think that I needed a personal API Key to use Yandex, but whenever I run my code, I get an error message. Error 2201: Missing API Key for the Yandex.Translate service. Do I need an API Key, or is there something wrong in my code?

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If you do not like Yandex Translate then you can use Google Translate. You also do not need an API key😁

Yes you need an API key, get the API key here :

What have you here? (it should look like this, no personal key required):


Also read the documentation about what to send to Yandex in terms of language selections (the more you do, the better the chance of a translation coming back)

If you're using the iOS version 2.60 there is a mistake in which I forgot to include the API key when deploying it to Apple. This is corrected in version 2.60.1, which you can get as a beta tester via Apple TestFlight. More details here.

Using the corrected version fixed my problem. Thank you!

Great to see it fixed, but the progress site is not aware of it yet

Yes, I should probably update that. It's a bit of a manual process right now so that version of the page actually reflects version 0.9 and not the latest version.

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This has been updated.

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