One of my advanced students is working on a demo language learning app and is receiving a runtime error when we try to run this with the AI Companion on my iPhone.

undefined variable. Irritants: (yail/call-component-method-with-blocking-continuation)
Note: You will not see another error reported for 5 seconds.

Project file is attached. Thanks for your assistance.

jude.aia (3.1 KB)

Might wanna try android instead ig?

What is the term 'IG'

ig is short of i guess

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Some blocks are not yet implemented for the iOS version yet. The particular error in question is related to some of the newer File component methods. You can double check the blocks used against http://doesappinventorrunonios.com/ to know whether a particular method is available.

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  1. File.Exists does not exist on iOS.

  1. Why does your file name begin with './'?

./ just refers to the current directory. It's technically redundant and shouldn't affect anything.

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Ok, and is the FileScope helper block accesible with iOS?


Currently it seems that the Scope property is not availible with iOS.


No. The helper blocks, including the FileScope block, were added in nb187, which came out last summer after the iOS release in the spring. The App Inventor editor uses fallback values for existing values like HorizontalAlignment, but since FileScope was brand new in that release there isn't an equivalent in the iOS version at this time.

Also, iOS has a lot less complicated view of the world since every app is sandboxed (e.g., shared scope does not really make sense and all app storage is also private storage).